Thursday, October 17, 2019

Does The Internet Affect Body Practice and Culture Essay

Does The Internet Affect Body Practice and Culture - Essay Example Currently, many people gain access to effective communication in their daily lives. Cultures have come to believe that instead of purchasing a radio, they would rather buy cell phones since the modern technology has made cell phones more accessible than radios. Advanced cell phones come with access of television networks. Therefore, many people consider owning one of the electrical products as a means of reducing complexity (Greenblatt 35). The internet and the workplace The current place of work in majority of organizations worldwide is changing at a fast rate. The workplace is turning out to be huge as the business surrounding increases in terms of demographic and financial aspects. Nevertheless, comprehending means by which effective communication can be made is the difficult part that these organizations encounter. The workplace consists of people who talk using different languages to arrive at a common objective. Cross-cultural communications approaches are hence being implement ed in these organizations for effective management and communication purposes (Durham & Kellner 98). One cross-cultural communication strategy is introduction of the new norm. The internet and advanced technology fall in the category of new norms being adapted by numerous multinational corporations. The internet has created novel markets for the organizations, not to mention permitting the promotion of these organizations to new demographic locations and traditions. Given technological advances such as the internet, the staff can communicate remotely making cross-cultural communication the new norm (Greenblatt 51). Another cross-cultural communication approach enhanced by organizations involves accepting cultural diversity. Novel communication confrontations are brought about by various traditional backgrounds in the place of work. These differences are currently considered in an effort to maximize communications between the staff (Greenblatt 69). Another cross-cultural communicatio ns strategy enhanced by organizations is the development of responsiveness of particular cultures. Some organizations have opted offering basic lessons of the various cultures that make up the staff. Such a strategy will provide knowledge on the proper greetings and bodily contact; a difficult field in inert-cultural training (Greenblatt 77). Demanding tolerance is another cross-cultural communications approach enhanced by organizations. Demanding open-mindedness can be easily implemented through the cultivation of little knowledge towards the employees. Different employees should be handled in different manners through the provision of different information that will properly address all the cultural demands for effective communication to take place. Electronic data interchange (EDI) will enable the company to place orders or administer inventories, this result in cutting of stock inventories thus saving millions on the cost of maintaining it can also be applied to procurement of p roducts. The internet also enables customers to transact business directly with the company through the internet saving time and reducing the operational costs. In addition, the company’s business transactions with its suppliers and contractors are eased. With the internet, people can purchase items such as books and clothing, furniture and groceries through a website. Even servicing a car or making a doctor’

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